The illustrious advanced PhytoCellTec™ - technology.

NORICO Ultimate Miracle Cream is specially formulated with natural plant extracts, Vitamin A, B3, B5 & Eand Hyaluronic Acidto enrich and pleasure your skin.

The meticulously selected 21 high quality herbal ingredients from around the world are processed using the illustrious advanced PhytoCellTec™ – technology from Switzerland to boost the skins natural healing process. Through its unique composition NORICO supports the skin while treating eczema, acne, healing scars, providing hydration, and delaying the skin from ageing, while firming the skin naturally. Unlike conventional creams NORICO reaches through all skin layers to heal from within by supporting the skins natural regeneration process. The ultimate absorbing bio-technology allows natural ingredients to be delivered into the blood perfectly without going through the digestive tract or stomach. Wherever there’s imperfections on the skin, NORICO Ultimate Miracle Cream works its miracle. Treat you skin exactly where it’s needed.


Protect what protects you

NORICO Ultimate Miracle Cream, formulated and processed so unique and out of the ordinary, you have never seen it before.

The human skin is the largest organ of the integumentary system, and protects us by supplying our systems with immunity. So why not support and protect what protects us?

through all skin layers

Vitamin A, B3, B5 & E and Hyaluronic Acid

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